Kya Brewer

Recruitment Consultant

Kya has over 8 years’ experience in Blue-collar Recruitment, Customer Service and Administration. Her passion is to deliver growth to businesses by providing STAR employees.

Kya has always been a people person. She loves to talk and interact with people every day.
There’s nothing like the thrill of a candidate’s “Yes!” to an offer, and an equally pleased hiring manager who just landed a STAR employee.
What’s even more satisfying is successfully recruiting a superstar and seeing them develop throughout their career. Knowing her efforts impact people’s lives is what keeps Kya motivated and passionate about her job.

If Kya isn’t recruiting then you’ll probably find her down at the local football club on Saturdays, exploring new parks and playgrounds with her daughter or at home watching the latest Netflix sensation.

If you are interested in opportunities at Star Personnel or would like to connect for the future, Kya would love to hear from you! 281 2101
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